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Webpage & Document Accessibility Policy

Taylor International Academy


Webpage & Document Accessibility Policy


Taylor International Academy is committed to making all of our Internet documents accessible to everyone. To ensure that we meet or exceed the requirements of the 1998 Amendment to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, we continually review our site and modify pages to remove accessibility problems for people with disabilities. The documents on our site are in many formats. Many are in ASCII or HTML format, accessible to people who use screen reading software and to those with other vision or mobility impairments. Generally, we use Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to create pages and documents that are accessible to our school community. In creating HTML documents, we follow Section 508 standards; for example, we include alternate text to describe graphics. Currently, our website contains documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. Most PDF files will be accessible to those who use assistive technology such as screen readers. If you are experiencing difficulty reading any PDF files please contact Laura Shelton, the Website Accessibility Coordinator at 908-504-2908 ext. 101 and she will be happy to send you an alternate version. She can also be reached at the following address: PO Box 126, 53 Old Turnpike Road, Oldwick, NJ 08858.

Technical Standards

Taylor International Academy, in its commitment to provide accessible and usable web content to everyone, regardless of ability, has adopted the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 at Conformance Level AA as its official Technical Guidelines. Web accessibility compliance and remediation reports will be required.

Staff/Administrator Compliance

Staff and administration have been directed to forward all documents to be uploaded onto the Taylor International Website to the Website Accessibility Coordinator to ensure compliance with this policy. Staff and administrators are to be trained on a bi-annual basis on all steps required to ensure all aspects of the website meet the standards outlined above. The Website Accessibility Coordinator will conduct an audit in January of each year to ensure that the website meets both the letter and spirit of this policy.

Third-Party Content

If Taylor International Academy uses third-party content, the Academy shall seek out third-party content that conforms to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, which may include discussions with vendors to provide content in a format that conforms to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 or can be made to conform by Taylor to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. If, after following the process set forth above, Taylor International Academy is unable to obtain Third-Party Content that conforms to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, it will take steps to ensure that those with disabilities seeking to access the information shall have alternate means of securing access to such resources to provide equal opportunity to the educational benefits and opportunities afforded by the resources and equal treatment in the use of such resources. If such action would result in a fundamental alteration or undue burden, Taylor International Academy will maintain a record of same.


Adobe Reader
Use Adobe Acrobat to read Portable Document Format (PDF) files. 

Microsoft Word
Microsoft offers Word file viewer and converter programs to enable those who do not have MS-Word or have another version of MS-Word to open and view MS-Word files.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft offers Excel file viewer and converter programs to enable those who do not have MS-Excel or have another version of MS-Excel to view MS-Excel files.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft offers PowerPoint file viewer and converter programs to enable those who do not have MS-PowerPoint or have another version of MS-PowerPoint to view MS-PowerPoint files.


What to Do if You Have Trouble
If you have a problem viewing any material on TaylorInternationalAcademy.com, have questions about our accessibility policy, a broken link, or a link that goes to the wrong page, please contact the Website Accessibility Coordinator at the following email address: lshelton@rsservices.org. You can also call Laura Shelton directly at 908-504-2908 ext 101.