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Great Start Readiness Program

Taylor International Academy


The Taylor International Academy (TIA) Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is a Michigan funded preschool program for four year old students who are at-risk of educational failure. This is a tuition-free program that targets children who have the greatest need as well as those who are least able to pursue early education. The goal of GSRP is to encourage the development of children and prepare them for successful entry into kindergarten. GSRP promotes development of the total child by helping each child gain skills in physical, social, emotional, and cognitive areas. The program is designed to provide children the opportunity to explore, to learn, to discover in a save and nurturing environment.

TIA Preschool Program

A key component of this program is child initiated activities done in conjunction with teacher directed activities, using a play-based curriculum as a vehicle. Using developmentally appropriate materials will provide for experiences that provide a base for learning. By working in coordination, a balanced program allows children to grow and learn specific skills, and develop early readiness abilities.

Program Goals

  • Develop each child’s creativity, initiative, spirit of inquiry, and openness to knowledge
  • Provide each child opportunities to make choices and decisions based on individual needs
  • Develop each child’s ability to work with others in planning, cooperative effort, and shared leadership
  • Develop each child’s ability to identify, pursue, and complete self-chosen goals and tasks

Download TIA GSRP Parent Handbook

Michigan's Nationally Recognized Pre-K Program