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Frequently Asked Questions

Taylor International Academy


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What is a charter school? What’s the difference between charter schools and district schools?
A charter school is an independently run public school. Like a regular district school, there is no cost to attend a charter school and it is open to all students. Charter schools must demonstrate performance in the areas of academic achievement, financial management, and organizational stability. All instructors are highly qualified and certified.


What grades does Taylor International Academy serve?
Taylor International Academy offers grades Pre-K through 8th grade


Is Kindergarten a full or half-day program?
Taylor International Academy’s Kindergarten program is full day, Monday-Friday. Pre-K is full-day, Monday-Thursday.


What are the school hours at Taylor International Academy?
School hours are 8:00 am-3:40 pm. Students are allowed to enter the building at 7:45 am. Parents are encouraged to walk their students into the classroom in the mornings.


Does Taylor International Academy offer before- or after-school opportunities?
Yes, care is provided through the Morning Watch Program from 6:00 AM to 7:45 AM and the After-School Program from 3:40 PM to 6:00 PM. The after-school program features structured activities including homework club, drama, dance, etiquette, cheer, and basketball. There is an affordable fee associated with these services.


Is there a breakfast and lunch program at Taylor International Academy?
Yes, Taylor International Academy provides FREE breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack to all students.


How are bus stops arranged for students?
We contract with a transportation company. Bus seats are limited and routes are mapped based on where current students reside.


Does Taylor International Academy have a uniform?
Yes, we have a school uniform for K-5th grades and 6th-8th grades. The K-5th grade uniform consists of a solid navy Taylor International Academy polo shirt, solid navy pants (w/black belt) and black shoes. Girls are permitted to wear skirts or jumpers that are no shorter than one inch above the knee. All shirts must be tucked in. The 6th-8th grade uniform consists of a solid red Taylor International Academy polo shirt, solid khaki pants (w/black belt) and black shoes. Girls are permitted to wear skirts that are no shorter than one inch above the knee. All shirts must be tucked in.


What will my child be learning in English Language Arts?
In Kindergarten-2nd grades students will learn from the Core Knowledge Language Arts curriculum which is made up of the following three components:
Listening and Learning: comprised of teacher read-alouds, class discussions, vocabulary work, and extension activities.
Skills: Addressing the fundamentals and core concepts to reading and writing.
Guided Reading Accountable Independent Reading: Small group reading circles and teaching comprehension and fluency strategies.
In 3rd-8th grades, students will learn from the Expeditionary Learning curriculum. This curriculum builds on students’ literacy skills as they develop knowledge about the world. Students will read novels in the classroom, and teachers will provide work templates and strategies to test the students’ understanding.


What math curriculum is used?
All students in Kindergarten-8th grades will learn from the Math in Focus, an authentic Singapore Math curriculum. Every student will be provided a textbook, and K-5th grade students will have individual workbooks. Concepts are taught with a concrete –pictorial –abstract approach. This means that materials are first presented in a hands-on approach, then in pictures and bar models, and lastly, advancing to the actual numbers. The lessons spiral throughout grade levels so material is not forgotten, but is always building.


What about Science and Social Studies?
The Full Option Science System (FOSS) curriculum is currently used in 6th-8th grades with the plan to purchase for kindergarten-5th grades for the 2016-2017 school year. The curriculum provides a very hands on approach, supported by technology that keeps students engaged while addressing all standards.
The Social Studies curriculum for kindergarten-5th grades is developed from Kent County Curriculum, Curriculum Crafter. The lessons teach the history of our country, geography, communities, and more. Curriculum Crafter allows time to incorporate real world current events into daily instruction.

6th-8th grade students use the History Alive! curriculum, which allows social studies to come to life through activities and in depth discussions that taps a variety of learning styles, allowing students of all abilities to learn and succeed.


What is your grading structure?
Taylor International Academy uses Standards Based Grading to assess students’ knowledge of a particular standard. Students will receive a 1-4 grade based on an individual standard in a subject material versus an overall average. Students can continue to improve their grade on the standard through performance tasks and feedback from the instructor. 8th grade student report cards are converted to the grading system of their desired high school at the time of application to high school.


Does your curriculum align to the Common Core State Standards?
Yes, in all subject areas.


What standardized tests will my student take?
Students in 3rd-8th grade will take the M-STEP, the required assessment by the state of Michigan. Additionally, Kindergarten-8th grade students will take the Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) test in the fall, winter, and spring. This assessment provides data on individual student progress and growth, which allows teachers to best instruct students on their individual needs.


How are needs met for above average or struggling students?
All grade levels have a set block of time every day to address these needs. The Acceleration, Enrichment, Intervention (AEI) block is 30 minutes where teachers hold small group instruction, leveled based activities, and work for each level of student.


Does my student attend any elective classes?
Yes, students will have an hour elective block every day. Classes will rotate weekly between Spanish, physical education, and art.