Taylor International Academy


Taylor International Academy offers a rigorous curriculum.  A key component to our school’s mission is, “equipping students to become inquisitive life-long learners.”  At the Taylor International Academy, we provide opportunities for students to discover the limitless possibilities of the world around them.  Through experiential learning, our students are encouraged to dive deep and uncover the sights, sounds, and hidden treasures that lie deep beneath the surface.  We are proud to provide the spark which ignites their curiosity which will lead them along the path of a life time of discovery.



We have found that the Singapore Math Model is best aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Math.  To support this model, we implement Math in Focus in our school. 


The Core Knowledge English Language Arts Curriculum for grades K-2 is made up of three components: the Listening and Learning strand, Skills strand, & Guided Reading and Accountable Independent Reading.


History Alive! is a comprehensive 6-8 curriculum solution designed to engage and motivate every student. Through the stories of the intriguing people, exciting places, and fascinating events that make social studies relevant to their lives, students gain a global perspective.


Spanish is taught to all students Kindergarten-8th grade every 3 weeks.  The curriculum has been developed through a combination of Rosetta Stone, as well as outside Spanish curriculums and resources.